Artist-blacksmith Sergey Sakirkin.

   Experience the joy of custom-forged metalwork! Working in Utah is one of perhaps only a dozen artist-blacksmith masters in the United States. Sergey Sakirkin has decades of experience creating and restoring some of the great treasures of metal art in the world. Trained in Russia as both an artist and a blacksmith, Mr. Sakirkin has designed prizewinning work. His railings and banisters grace some of the most noteworthy homes in the Intermountain West. He can design that stunning, original wrought-iron masterpiece you may have dreamed of. For the affluent homeowner, he can design the perfect metal creation to complement any architectural style. Sergey's creations are absolutely unique. He builds every piece according to sketches he draws exclusively for each customer. All Sergey Sakirkin's creations, whether staircase railing, fire screen or gate, are truly "objets d'art" and, therefore, increase in value with time. Every one of Sergey's artist-blacksmith creations also carries his registered touch mark.

Sergey Sakirkin Artist-blacksmith
artist-blacksmith touch mark
Every one of Sergey's artist-blacksmith creations carries his registered touch mark. Just as most great painters have included their signature on their work, artist blacksmiths use a personal touch mark to "sign" their artwork. (Since the 13th Century, articles created by goldsmiths and silversmiths who were members of a guild have been marked with some form of "guild mark" or "hallmark" to certify authenticity.)